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40 km north east of Damascus; its temple as seen today restored after much research and reconstruction work in recent years, represents one of the fruits of the intensive phase of construction activity in third century Syria. It was dedicated to Zeus Hypsistos in 245 during the reign of the Emperor Philip the Arab (Emperor 244 – 9) who was born in the Hauran region south Syria (Shahba). An earlier altar dedicated to the Semitic deity, Baal Shamin, in AD 94 indicates that a Nabataean religious building previously stood on the site.


The shape is highly unusual. Construction may have commenced as a public fountain or as a staging post on the intersection of two important caravan routes. About 5 km to the east of Dumeir, on road to Palmyra, are the remains of a late second century Roman military camp. The remains can be seen from the road.